A blend of 8, 5 and 3 year old rum from Barbados. Exceptionally smooth, with nuances of apricot, banana and coconut overlaid with soft hints of honey and vanilla.

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    Golden Rum

Neptune Rum is distilled and aged at a family-owned Rum Distillery set on the southern end of the island of Barbados where the climate produces exceptional rum. Made from pure sugar cane molasses – no added sugar it is created in a mix of pot and column stills. Aged in bourbon oak casks for a distinct flavour profile, then cold filtered in a unique to Neptune process for a truly delicious taste and smoothed with a rare mineral water.

The perfect serve

Neptune Rum is the perfect rum for Sipping – Mixing – Cocktails. Sipping is easy, just over Ice with probably a slice of lime. For Mixing we recommend the old classic of Rum ‘n’ Ginger (Rum mixed with Fever Tree Ginger Ale). As a Cocktail for the more adventurous then try “Bajan In The Med” which is similar to a classic Manhattan – Neptune Rum, Sherry, Roots Mastiha Liqueur & Campari.

Neptune Rum - Barbados Gold

About this product

  • Gluten free
  • Vegetarians
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Does not contain:

  • OK Gluten
  • OK Rye
  • OK Barley
  • OK Oats
  • OK Wheat
  • OK Crustaceans
  • OK Eggs
  • OK Fish
  • OK Peanuts
  • OK Soybeans
  • OK Milk
  • OK Nuts
  • OK Celery & Celeriac
  • OK Mustard
  • OK Sesame
  • OK Sulphur Dioxide
  • OK Lupin
  • OK Molluscs