Coronavirus Update

We’re pleased to report that we’re in a position to pick up any keg beers bought in December that are dated best before the end of February or earlier.

Please note, we cannot pick up March dated beers, or better, at this stage. We will deal with stock issues on March dated beer, once we have a full understanding of restart plans and any government restrictions.

We’re keen to keep our customers fully informed throughout this national lockdown and we will keep you posted with news on our beers, brands and promotions, as we all start to plan our recovery and navigate our way out of lockdown. We’ll be sending you a fortnightly news update which we hope you’ll find useful.

Please click HERE to download your return form and return this to us by this Friday (8th January), so that we can arrange collection and credit.

We will not be using the portal system this time around, which we hope will speed things up and reduce the amount of administration time.

Please be clear and work with us, we can only collect based on the following criteria


PICK UP ST AUSTELL/BATH ALES KEG - Unbroached only (only dated before end February or earlier).


We will not be picking these up. However, if the lockdown / tiered system prevents outlets from trading in March, we will review the situation and arrange for any keg stock dated March to be dealt with nearer to the time.


Providing we have the full information (eg. account number and name, size of cask / keg, best before date) we will arrange for pick up on the week commencing 11th January. Credit will be with you within 7 days. Please use the spreadsheet linked above. 


We cannot offer credit for these, but we will pick up and destroy them for you if required. Please let our telesales team know or indicate when you email the stock return email address:


We are planning to commence the picking up of stock from Monday 11th January and we will notify you of our intended collection date. If you are not on site, please leave the stock for collection on the agreed date please.


Please click HERE to download some closedown tips and helpful hints for lockdown.


All information for credit/collection will need to be with us by midday on Friday 8th January 2021.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call telesales on 0345 2411122 and we will be happy to help. Telesales office hours are 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday

For payments or to discuss any outstanding debt, please contact Credit Control between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday on 0345 241 1122 (Press option 4 - accounts). Alternatively, you can email Credit Control at

We’re always keen to help wherever we can. If you have any queries or require clarification on any of the above, please call us on the telesales number above.

As always thank you as always for your continued support, and please stay safe.


Update: November 2020

Reopening your cellar – our top tips

1. Turn on cellar cooling (CTC) at least 24 hours prior to reopening, or when fresh draught stock is delivered, to ensure stock is kept at 12°C.

2. Turn on all dispense gas - check bottles are charged and contain gas levels.

3. Give the dispense system a thorough normal clean making sure the cleaning fluid has not gone out of date .

4. Do not use cleaning fluid that has been dormant in a cleaning bottle as it loses its strength when exposed to air after time.

5. After lines have been cleaned, pull through the product and then turn on remote ale python coolers or undercounter coolers (not before or during).

6. Remote or undercounter coolers will initially take at least six hours to form ice and get down to temperature - do not attempt to dispense beer before this time as it will fob .

7. Sterilise and clean all tap nozzles before pulling through keg beer and cask taps prior to tapping new stock of real ale.

8. Note: any part kegs left over from the shutdown will be over carbonated and will not dispense.

9. Existing keg beers (in date) in cellar may be lively when dispensed.

10. Do not broach and serve any out of date.

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