Coronavirus Update

Dear all

We hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Like you, we’re waiting with bated breath to hear more about the location details of the tier system tomorrow. Before there’s any further Government direction, we just wanted to email and update you, as best we can, about how we’re preparing to come out of lockdown 2.0. As soon as we have more clarity from tomorrow’s announcement, we’ll be back in touch.


Whilst we wait for further news, we want you to know that we have teams working in sales, telesales and distribution; we’re busy preparing for the pre-Christmas resumption in trade. We will be ready to make sure that you can all have a delivery on or before the 2nd December.


We are now taking orders and have brought back more of the team this week to assist with calls and queries. Telesales will also update you on the many December offers in our excellent Christmas brochure. Our plan is to extend as many of these offers into January and February as possible. If you would like to get your orders in early then please call 0345 2411122 as soon as possible and we will be happy to assist. Telesales lines are manned Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm. Outside of these hours an answerphone service is in operation and someone will get back to you.


We have a small team of sales people working in the business at the moment, and we are planning to bring as many of them back as we can once hospitality reopens to ensure you have the account support you need over the festive period.


All of our depots are stocked and ready to deliver across the length and breadth of the South West. We also have a delivery and order schedule for Christmas and New Year ready to send out once we have clarity on what reopening looks like. To ensure we get all of our deliveries out in time we will need to start delivering from Friday this week; your help in placing your orders nice and early is much appreciated.


Please make sure your cellar is all ready for the restart. We have some helpful tips and advice below.


Our brewing team have been working tirelessly throughout lockdown making sure we have built up the off trade bottles for the Festive period. They’ve now switched to cask beer and lagers again to ensure that our beer is freshly brewed to coincide with reopening. We’ll be offering our core beers – Tribute, Proper Job and Gem – as well as Festivity, a great-tasting Christmas-themed winter porter from Bath Ales. Hicks, St Austell’s traditional full-bodied Cornish ale, will also be available if you’re looking for a great winter warmer.


With so much uncertainty surrounding the pre-Christmas trade it is difficult to give you totally accurate information. We are fully committed to updating our communication as soon as we can, but we wanted to reassure all of our customers that we are ready, willing and able to supply and service your businesses prior to Christmas.      

Best wishes from all at St Austell Family Group

Update: November 2020

Reopening your cellar – our top tips

1. Turn on cellar cooling (CTC) at least 24 hours prior to reopening, or when fresh draught stock is delivered, to ensure stock is kept at 12°C.

2. Turn on all dispense gas - check bottles are charged and contain gas levels.

3. Give the dispense system a thorough normal clean making sure the cleaning fluid has not gone out of date .

4. Do not use cleaning fluid that has been dormant in a cleaning bottle as it loses its strength when exposed to air after time.

5. After lines have been cleaned, pull through the product and then turn on remote ale python coolers or undercounter coolers (not before or during).

6. Remote or undercounter coolers will initially take at least six hours to form ice and get down to temperature - do not attempt to dispense beer before this time as it will fob .

7. Sterilise and clean all tap nozzles before pulling through keg beer and cask taps prior to tapping new stock of real ale.

8. Note: any part kegs left over from the shutdown will be over carbonated and will not dispense.

9. Existing keg beers (in date) in cellar may be lively when dispensed.

10. Do not broach and serve any out of date.

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