St Austell Wines

T he oldest arm of our family-owned business, St Austell Wines was our founder, Walter Hicks' first endeavour. With a talent for discovering hidden gems, he soon earned a reputation as a trade expert.

Despite creating the brewery and one of Cornwall’s fastest-growing pub estates, Walter never lost his passion for wine and continued to supply an ever-expanding list to customers, both private and commercial, across Cornwall and beyond.

Travelling extensively to exhibitions and fairs in the capital, he continued to find wines to suit all tastes, occasions and budgets, cementing the reputation of Walter Hicks & Sons as the region's premier winer wholesaler. 


Step back in time

Across the years, our wine division has always been run with the same passion and desire to bring the best of the world’s produce to our customers in the South West. No more so than in the hands of Walter Hicks’ great-grandson Tim Harvey, who expanded and enhanced the company’s wine stock beyond all recognition. Tim was also responsible for the first use of the ‘castle’ from the Hicks family coat of arms which has come to represent the Brewery as a whole and is now such a strong and recognizable symbol of the company. Read more about our history here.

From the mid-1950s, regular wine tastings were held in the atmospheric candle-lit shadows of the Brewery cellars for free trade customers, showcasing the most comprehensive selection of wines anywhere in the West Country. We have an exciting video from the archives which can be watched below. One of the reasons why St Austell Wines was able to – and continues to – hold such a large range of stock is because it has its own, purpose-built bonded warehouse which enables huge quantities of wine to be stored and delivered direct to order.


Step back in time with this video from the archives.

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