Our Application Process

W hether you’re a first-time applicant or an experienced pub operator, the following overview outlines our application process; from the initial expression of interest to the ongoing support provided.

Find the right business opportunity for you

Be your own boss and receive unrivalled support every step of the way. We help to ensure our pub operators are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful tenancy.

1. Expression of interest

The first step to running your own pub!

To begin the process, we ask you to complete our online form (pdf). You'll need to provide your personal details alongside your employment history, relevant hospitality qualifications, references and personal license eligibility. This comprehensive application form allows us to review what current opportunities we have that may be suitable for you - we know how important it is to correctly match a tenant to a property. 

Remember, it isn't all about your qualifications and experience; we value tenants that have the ambition and drive to make their pub a success. So, if you're new to the hospitality industry, don't let this be an off-putting factor. 

2. Initial interview

As part of our potential partnership, we - of course - want to get to know you.

Once you've completed our online form, you'll be contacted by our tenancy team to arrange an initial interview. We'll ask you about your experiences, motives behind running your own pub, and tell you a little more about our tenancy agreements. This is also a great opportunity for you to address any potential concerns you may have ahead of time. Taking on your own property is a huge responsibility and certainly not a venture you want to enter without a thorough understanding of exactly what it entails. 

3. Business plan

Planning for success. 

We ask all our applicants to create a business plan proposal, outlining how they intend to progress the pub in question. Should you need guidance, our business development managers are on hand to support you through the process. In as much detail as possible, you'll cover aspects such as the local market, customer profiles and what you intend to offer. Of course, you'll also need to consider the finances involved with running a pub - is it a viable option for you? 

View our business template (pdf) here. 

4. Shortlist interview

The final push towards being your own boss.

After receiving your business plan, we move on to the final shortlist interviews. We want to ensure the tenancy is the right fit for you and that you understand the potential risks involved. If you feel there are potential gaps in your ability as a tenant, we can formulate a training plan to ensure these are covered, so experience is certainly not the determining factor. 

5. Tenancy offer

Let the journey begin!

If successful, you'll receive an offer of tenancy. This will include all the details of the proposed partnership; generally, new tenants will join us on a short-term let of 12 months initially before signing on to our standard three-year agreement. Ensuring you are set up for success, we create our tenancy offers with you in mind. 

6. Training

Build up your skills, knowledge, and resources before hitting the ground running. 

You'll attend an induction day along with any necessary training days to prepare you for the road ahead. Learn more about the award-winning products we offer and how you can ensure guests will be flooding through your doors. Our St Austell pubs are renowned for being at the very heart of the community, and we'll help you become similarly rooted by continuing to offer support and training throughout your tenancy.

All of our tenants are also required to complete the BII PEAT Pre-entry Awareness Training - a mandatory requirement under the Pub Industry Framework code of practice. 

7. Run your pub

Open the doors to your new venture.

It's over to you! Once the keys have been handed over, you can begin running your own pub, acting as your own boss. But, you'll continue to receive unrivalled support from our team whenever you need it. After all, we want your pub to be a success and what's more, we want it to be an enjoyable experience for you. 

Whether it's marketing guidance, property maintenance advice or business development support - our industry experts will be on hand to help you overcome any hurdles that come your way. 

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