'Zero waste to landfill' goal achieved

W e've signed an extended three-year contract with waste management firm, Cornwall Waste Solutions (CWS). Since first partnering with the company in 2017, the Brewery achieved ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ status, across our core waste and recycling operations.

We're delighted to have met out goal of 'zero waste to landfill' with CWS.

CWS will continue to manage our entire waste output from head offices, key distribution hubs and managed pub estate. To mark the renewed deal, CWS has also branded a dedicated waste disposal vehicle, which will travel between our sites across Cornwall.

Since joining forces in 2017, we've worked with CWS towards reducing our environmental footprint, improving waste segregation and helping to divert 100% of the company’s waste from landfills. Food waste from our pubs is sent to Anaerobic Digestion plants to be composted, glass is sent back to the glass production chain to be recycled and mixed recycling cardboard and plastic is sent back into the manufacturing process. Our general waste is sent to ‘waste to energy’ recovery plants to be converted into electricity.

Piers Thompson, external relations director and head of the St Austell Brewery Environmental Steering Group says:

W e’re really proud to say that over 2,300 tonnes of our waste – from our head office, pubs and distribution centres - was diverted from landfill last year.

“In fact, this year to date, we’ve converted enough waste into energy to heat 147 average households for an entire year.

He continued:

“It’s thanks to CWS, as well as our dedicated staff across the South West, that we’ve been able to achieve this.”

Andrew Holden, our procurement director adds:

“CWS has been a huge support in helping us to achieve ‘Zero Waste to Landfill status’. We’re delighted to be renewing our partnership with them for the next three years and continuing to work together on our sustainability efforts and reducing our impact on the environment.”

Shane Beadle, director, Cornwall Waste Solutions said:

“We’re looking forward to continuing our work with St Austell Brewery. It’s great to be supporting a local business in its ongoing efforts to find greener solutions, when it comes to waste management, and we’re very proud to have helped the Brewery reach its target.”

In April 2018, we were awarded a prestigious Queen’s Award, for sustainability across our operations and long-term commitment to green brewing, reducing the impact on the environment, and awareness of our place in the local and wider community. We were praised for our ongoing investments to become more sustainable, including water treatment facilities, the installation of solar panels and establishing a barley growing partnership with Cornish farms.


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